Assembling your A-Team - The best marketing skills for 2023

Assembling your A-Team

The best marketing skills for 2023


Labour shortages! Inflation! Penny pinching! Oh my!

Now feels like an ideal time to talk about hiring intentionally.

In this bonus episode of Humanology on Air, we’ll be talking about building the best marketing team possible, based on the most-needed skills for 2023.

Jan Kelley’s Chantel Broten and Josiah Shelley will be on the panel to talk about strategies for marketing agencies, along with Steve Carter from Mitsubishi Motors Canada and Kent Hatton from Bayer Consumer Health – who will fill us in on where their sights are set from a client-side perspective.

The group will expand on:

• Skills needed in B2C and B2B environments;
• How they’re maximizing budgets; and
• Whether they believe today’s skills will meet our needs in 2025. 


Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Director, Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors Canada

Steve is a versatile executive with over 20 years of cross-functional and transferable experience in marketing, sales and customer engagement.

Kent Hatton

Kent Hatton

VP Sales & eCommerce, Bayer Consumer Health

Kent leads the Bayer Consumer Health's sales and marketing strategy, which a special focus on optimizing the growth and development of e-Commerce.

Chantel Broten

Chantel Broten

President and CEO

Chantel is the proud leader of Jan Kelley. She is passionate about business innovation that builds brands and drives growth.


Josiah Shelley

Chief Growth Officer

Josiah leads the digital strategy for Jan Kelley, including digital experience, ads, analytics and martech practices.

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