Content is Hard. When to Press on and When to Pivot

Content is Hard.

When to Press on and When to Pivot


It’s not uncommon to run into challenges with creating content. 

In fact, according to CMI, content creation is the number-one content activity that is being outsourced, regardless of company size, budget and success. Not strategy, planning or posting. This is pretty telling. 

So how did we get here? And how do we proceed?

Content marketers Jen Reeves and Josie Serpa are here to manage our expectations and offer four tips for how to make content easier on ourselves.



Jen Reeves

Senior Copywriter, Content Lead

Jen is a senior writer and audience advocate; she leads the content marketing practice area at Jan Kelley.


Josie Serpa

Content Strategist

Josie is a writer with a knack for digital content. She is passionate about personalization and engagement.

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