Growing Pains: Digital Maturity in 2022

Growing Pains:

Digital Maturity in 2022


We all know having a website and LinkedIn profile isn’t peak digitization.
But we also know there is no end to the software or cloud services we could buy. 

So what counts? How do we know we’ve arrived?

Listen in as Travis MacDougall and Alirio Alvarez – Director Digital Performance and Director Media Solutions, respectively – talk about what digital maturity means in 2022. 

This is more than a tech stack conversation. This is a conversation about where organizations need to be technologically and culturally to optimize productivity, customer-centricity, innovation and product quality.



Travis MacDougall

Director Digital Performance

Travis oversees digital marketing strategies across client teams and establishes data integrity best practices.


Alirio Alvarez

Director Media Solutions

Alirio heads up our omnichannel media practice area, increasing buyer engagement with brands and driving conversions.

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