Inside the Mind of a CMO

Inside the Mind of a CMO


CMOs are under enormous pressure. They’re expected to deliver ever-improving results for marketing activities, manage the explosion of customer channels and own customer strategy — while still running legacy tactical initiatives like ad campaigns.

The CMO’s scope of responsibility continues to shift — from customer experience to digital transformation to 5G and beyond. But with this shift comes an opportunity. As we look at the world’s leading CMOs, we see that they are using their position to drive for change inside and outside of their companies.

Join Chantel Broten as she shares 5 lessons from the world's leading CMOs, from driving organizational alignment to taking charge of customer experience and developing purpose-led brands.



Chantel Broten

President and CEO

Chantel is the proud leader of Jan Kelley. She is passionate about business innovation that builds brands and drives growth.

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