LinkedIn B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

LinkedIn B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer


As the Head of Agency Partnerships at LinkedIn, Jeff Lancaster gets a ton of marketers asking him about b2b trends on the platform. It makes sense. People want to stay updated on best practices. 

But Jeff says there’s a more interesting question to be answered.

Instead of asking what b2b brands are doing on LinkedIn, let’s talk about what nobody’s doing. Because that’s where the opportunities are.

Join Jeff Lancaster and Jan Kelley as we get into the finer points of:

  • The 95-5 rule

  • Situational cues

  • Memory gen vs. Lead gen

  • And how all of it applies to LinkedIn (and marketing in general)

No idea what this ^^ means? More reason to check it out! 


Jeff Lancaster

Jeff Lancaster

Head of Agency Partnership at LinkedIn LinkedIn

Jeff Lancaster is the Head of Agency Partnerships for LinkedIn Canada, helping the world’s biggest agencies and their clients harness the power of LinkedIn’s platform.

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