Supercharging Your B2B Sales Teams in a Virtual World

Supercharging Your B2B Sales Teams in a Virtual World


As B2B marketers, dipping our toes into this new virtual marketing pool isn’t an option; we’re already swimming in the deep end. 

COVID-19 has propelled us deep into uncharted virtual territory faster than we had ever imagined. Like it or not, the role of the modern sales team has changed. To stay afloat, our sales teams need to adapt to these new roles and embrace the virtual. 

Shannon Ballard and Kamila Karwowski dig into changes in customer behaviour trends, sharing their top tips on how to support, set up and optimize your B2B sales teams. They also provide real-world examples of how clients are putting these tips into action to be able to perform their best.


Shannon Ballard

VP Customer Innovation

Shannon is a customer experience transformist, converging human insight and technology to help businesses grow.


Kamila Karwowski

Director of Strategy

Kamila helps organizations define their brand strategy and then bring it to life with internal and external audiences.

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