The Marketer’s Primer for Web3

The Marketer’s Primer for Web3

What is it and what it could mean for your business.


For some, Web3 is real and it’s spectacular. For others, it’s a fuzzy idea we’ve heard about and should probably look into.

In either case, Web3 is where the world is heading, so marketers must go there, too. So why not do that together?

In this webinar, we’re going to cover some of the basics and then build on them a little. To add front-line knowledge, EY’s Meaghan Taylor will join us to talk about how businesses are approaching Web3. Her entire job is to consult with brands about entering this new world.

Come along as we get into:

• What Web3 even means;
• The opportunities that still await us; and
• How brands are engaging with these technologies.



Meaghan Taylor

Manager, EY

Meaghan is an experienced Digital Strategist with a passion for Web3, data storytelling, and personalization, with diverse experience in the Consumer, Retail, Sports & Entertainment, and Automotive industries.


Josiah Shelley

Chief Growth Officer

Josiah leads the digital strategy for Jan Kelley, including digital experience, ads, analytics and martech practices.

Jen Reeves

Jen Reeves

Senior Copywriter, Content Lead

Jen is a senior writer and audience advocate; she leads the content marketing practice area at Jan Kelley.

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