Top 5 Digital Experience Trends in 2023

Top 5 Digital Experience Trends in 2023

There’s a reason why these trends are… well, trending.


We’d make you wait, but you’d probably just Google them, so here are the top digital experience (DX) trends this year:

• Personalization
• Transparency
• Virtual & Immersive Experiences
• Omnichannel Experiences (vs. Multichannel)

You’ve probably seen some, if not all, of these topics in your newsfeeds – looking at you, ChatGPT articles. But there’s a reason why these trends are… well, trending.

And our Director of Digital Experience Andy Patrick will join us to talk about it. 

We’ll be digging into:

• What the trends entail;
• Our take on their importance for brands; and
• How to execute them well.

The reality is customer service includes a good digital experience. 



Andy Patrick

Director of Digital Experience

Don’t let the knitted toque and tattoos fool you. Andy lives and breathes all things digital. And we mean all things. Since the day he started at Jan Kelley, he’s brought a creative spin to virtually every web project that’s gone online.


Josiah Shelley

Chief Growth Officer

Josiah leads the digital strategy for Jan Kelley, including digital experience, ads, analytics and martech practices.

Jen Reeves

Jen Reeves

Senior Copywriter, Content Lead

Jen is a senior writer and audience advocate; she leads the content marketing practice area at Jan Kelley.

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