Web 3.0 is Here: Why Marketers Should Care

Web 3.0 is Here:

Why Marketers Should Care


Bitcoin, Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, crypto. 

On a scale of 1-10, how well could you explain these things to your neighbour?

For most of us, a 5 is probably pretty generous. 

Thank heavens for Josiah Shelley, VP Digital at Jan Kelley. Not only is he inherently interested in all things Web 3.0 – he’s willing to take us on a tour at the next Toast + Jam. He’ll cover what’s been going on in the digital universe AND explain how our jobs as marketers will likely be affected.



Josiah Shelley

VP Digital

Josiah leads the digital strategy for Jan Kelley, including digital experience, ads, analytics and martech practices.


Jen Reeves

Senior Copywriter, Content Lead

Jen is a senior writer and audience advocate; she leads the content marketing practice area at Jan Kelley.

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