YouTube: Are we still doing it right?

YouTube: Are we still doing it right?

YouTube has grown up. Has our strategy?


YouTube turns 18 this year. And, like everyone else, it has grown a lot from birth to adulthood. The platform itself has evolved, but so have user expectations for YouTube creators and advertisers.

With so much change, the question marketers have is: How do we know if we’re nailing our YouTube strategy?

To help us answer that, we invited Google Canada’s Michael Halminen to join us. As Creative Lead, Michael spends a lot of time with brands and creators on YouTube. One of his biggest tasks is helping people tell better, smarter stories on the platform.

Join Michael and Jan Kelley as we get into the finer points of:

• New storytelling on YouTube – whether it’s organic or paid;
• How to deliver on user expectations for more personalization; and
• Advice for brand vs. product-driven advertising.



Michael Halminen

Head of Creative Works, Google Canada

In this role, he spends his time engaging with Creative Agencies and Brands across Canada to make great work that works with all things Google.


Josiah Shelley

Chief Growth Officer

Josiah leads the digital strategy for Jan Kelley, including digital experience, ads, analytics and martech practices.

Jen Reeves

Jen Reeves

Senior Copywriter, Content Lead

Jen is a senior writer and audience advocate; she leads the content marketing practice area at Jan Kelley.

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